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Subia is an author/writer and mindful yoga instructor. Her connectivity to the eastern and western approaches of yoga offers her students a balanced yogic experience. She teaches kids yoga at schools throughout Southern California and also offers vinyasa flow, meditative journaling, and hatha flow.


Literally, Alif is the first letter of the alphabet in many eastern languages including Arabic, Urdu and Farsi. Metaphorically, it is considered “the letter par excellence” It’s shape of a staff signifies the highest to the lowest, beginning to end. It is further used to represent the divine or source of our existence. The letter Alif is not only used in a linguistic sense but a spiritual, cosmic one. Alif, spoken is a continuous flow of air (breath) which creates an energy that resonates in the entire body. The utterance of Alif has been used as a chant or mantra by poets and philosophers of the silk road such as Rumi to invoke spiritual awakening and acceptance of ones beginning and end. I have coined the use of the Alif sound and symbol in my unique Alif Yoga practice to help practitioners use their human ability to communicate and connect with letters and sounds to reach physical and spiritual enlightenment. 


Progressive schools all around California are incorporating yoga into their school’s enrichment programs. Yoga’s balanced emotional and physical fitness benefits offer students those tools in fun and mindful yoga classes.

Alif yoga’s instructors are certified professionals with a passion for teaching youth yoga. Alif yoga is currently offering yoga classes at schools throughout the Inland Empire. Classes are offered to preschool age students to High school students alike. To bring the art of yoga to your school please, call/contact to book or request a Yoga proposal and get details on yoga benefits, class structure and pricing.



YOUNG YOGIS (ages 6 - 11)

Sessions Beginning Summer 2018

An hour of exercise daily is recommended for children. Incorporating yoga into a child’s routine can give them a mind, body awareness tool for a lifetime. Students also get hands on time with unique instruments such as the Tibetan singing bowl, cymbals, and gongs.


Benefits of yoga for kids

  • Increases healthy response to stress

  • Better concentration

  • Encourages physical activity in a non-competitive practice

  • Promotes healthy body image

  • Teaches acceptance of others

  • Aids in better sleep and digestion

Please book your spot before January 9th, 2018

Start your new year with a spinal health yoga workshop. Learn to create a supple, flexible, strong spine and back. Special focus on setting and keeping resolutions/intentions for mind and body in the year ahead.

Tuesday, January 16th 2018 • 9:00 -11:00 am

@ Dance, Move, Live studio: 7199 Boulder Ave. Highland CA


 A one-on-one approach is the classic yoga teacher and student duo, which sets a personalized yoga plan for the student. The focus is on the student's interests, weaknesses and strengths. Private sessions are a great alternative to group yoga classes. These sessions can help students see immediate results in their form and are also convenient for those who find it difficult to attend classes at a studio. The private student can then choose their availability and gain instruction on location.


$70 - 1 hour (special gift for host or guest of honor)

On location or in studio yoga session for an invigorating yogic experience for your special gathering or themed event adds a refreshing activity for your guest’s minds and bodies.


Look for upcoming Yoga Retreat in Big Bear, CA

Join Alif Yoga instructor and author Subia Johri for a yoga retreat with special attention to meditative yoga journaling amongst the majestic alpine trees and inspiring views of the majestic Big Bear mountains in California.

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Look out for Alif Yoga’s author, Subia Johri’s upcoming book release of Yoga Bear. Follow Yoga Bear through his enlightened yet humorous yoga journey from the Redwood forest to the Joshua Trees of California. Can Yoga bear find his yogic path? Find out by reading YOGA BEAR.


909-742-YOGI (909-742-9644)

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909-742-YOGI     (909-742-9644)

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